Nowadays, People often wonder about buying the right vehicle for themselves and, especially when it comes to buying an Electric Vehicle. So here are the top 5 best electric vehicles in India in 2020


Is it worth buying an Electric Car?

Let’s find out!

Electric Vehicles are the most trending vehicles around us now.

Being electrically charged and runs on motors only, electric vehicle favours every bit for every budget customers. Electric Vehicles are the best asset for the modern world.

Did you know? Electric Vehicle Number Plate Colour is..

Safety measures and safe environment is the motive behind launching EV.

The automobile sector has benefited after the launch of EV as they found a new revolutionary change in the way of marketing of the vehicle industry. Many brands are launching their variants of Electric vehicles. This post will help you to find the five best electric vehicles in India

So If you’re looking for the best electric vehicle in India to purchase in 2020, you are at the right place.

Let’s dive right into it…


In the Indian market, these are the five best electric cars. They are making a massive impact on the automobile industries and consumers.

Here is a list of best electric vehicles in India. Let’s take a look at the prices, specifications, features, photos, and more.


Best Electric Vehicles in India

Mahindra Verito sedan costs around 7.48-8.45 LAKH EX- Showroom price,

On-road price may vary from state to state in India (including – RTO Charges, Insurance, Registration charges). EMI Services also are available on buying Mahindra Verito at company showrooms as well as dealerships.

This car is arguably the cheapest electric car available in this part of the world(India). The regular model of Mahindra Verito had not been a successful one and had an unsuccessful run in the Indian market. It is one of the best electric vehicles in India. Electric Mahindra Verito has already made its name in the automobile market.


Mahindra Verito is a highly recommended e vehicle for its compatibility and endurance and best of all its efficiency in all aspects. During the launch of Renault logan, Mahindra Verito, too, came into the limelight.

While the looks of the Renault Logan wasn’t much attractive, it gives you a quite good substructure and excellent interior space. Emission-Free Power Plant in Mahindra Verito is its utmost asset of this car.


Best Electric Vehicles in India

Nissan Leaf costs around 30-35 lakhs in India’s ex-showroom price. In January last year 2019, Nissan India gave the green signal to launch the hugely successful electric hatchback- Nissan Leaf. Nissan Leaf’s launch in India in January is a boost to the electric vehicles industry in the Indian market.

Next-generation Nissan Leaf is in its second phase now and is the highest-grossing electric vehicle in the world. The vehicle provides a 40 kWh battery, and the driving distance is around 400 km on a full charge. It takes up to 8 to 16 hours to fully charge the vehicle, depending on the capacity of the power. 

The fast charging feature in Nissan leaf is fantastic as it takes 40 minutes to charge 80% of the vehicle battery. It is one of the best electric vehicles in India. The Nissan Leaf is one of the premium hatchback in the EV industry in the world. 


Best Electric Vehicles in India

Maruti Suzuki WAGON R EV expected ex-showroom price would cost you around 7-8 Lakh rupees in India. It is one of the biggest automobile company in India. Suzuki is recently going to launch its new Maruti Wagon R EV electric vehicle in India this year 2020.

The biggest carmaker in India is going to launch the electric variant of its highest successful car Maruti Wagon R. The company was working on this project for a quite while. EV of the company was first revealed last year.

The INAUGURAL move Global Mobility Summit in Delhi has seen the advent of the Maruti Wagon R EV. The electric Wagon R uses a Lithium-ion battery. The driving distance of the EV ranges around 200 km on its full charges. It is one of the best electric vehicles in India. The fast charging support in this vehicle is not yet revealed.


Best Electric Vehicles in India

MORRIS GARAGES ZS EV Expected Price EX- Showroom somewhere around 22-25 lakhs in India. The MG ZS EV variant retails in international markets Features a 150 horsepower Electric Motor. In the Indian market, the SUV produces 104 KW horsepower in its variant that is launched in India.

The vehicle is capable of Pushing the SUV from 0kmph to 50kmph in 3.1 seconds. The pickup is quite fast. Dimensions of the car : 4,314 mm L x 1,809 mm W x 1,620-1,644 mm H.

The wheel size of the vehicle is 17″ diameter, and the torque produced is 353 Nm. The driving distance of the car comes around 335 km single on a charge. It is one of the best electric vehicles in India

The launch of the vehicle was recently unveiled in the last month of December in 2019.


The Kona Electric expected price EX-showroom costs around 25-30 lakhs INR. Thus Hyundai Kona becomes the expensive of all in this segment of the best electric vehicle in India. According to the company, the Hyundai Kona Electric vehicle will be the first SUV electric vehicle in India.

The Hyundai Kona EV will come with a 39.2 kWh lithium-ion battery in India. The vehicle offers a peak power of 134.13 bhp and 395Nm. The driving distance of the car gives you a total distance to travel around 312km in one charge. A 100kW DC fast charging solution is provided up to 80% in 54 minutes. 

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My thoughts…

The brands are trying to prove their variants the best and doing so to the best of their efforts.

This will lead to competition among different brands of electric cars available in the Indian automobile market. Growing competition leads to more efficiency, luxurious, and beneficial for buyers, the brand that provides these facilities to their customers stands a chance to compete in the market.

In 2020, many new models are going to launch soon. Mahindra is going to launch its new model of EV in the KUV100 variant.

TATA is going to launch its first EV Variant in the TATA NEXON EV model. The company is undertaking driving tests and soon, it will be for consumers.

We have to wait and watch. What more we can get out of Electric Vehicles from several Brands. They will be pushing very hard to make a huge impact in the early stages.



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